Summer memories


It's not easy to come back to our daily routine and to writing post every weekend. Well, I love holidays and I love spending it in an extraordinary way. I think I am very lucky and happy person and I really like sharing this love & happiness with others. So this summer I travelled to... Zambia!
The Republic of Zambia is country in Southern Africa. We lived in Kasama, which is more or less 3 hours from Tanzania. Even though I don't know a lot about history of Zambia I know that (unfortunately) it has become the British colony. In 1964 Zambia became independent of the UK. Well, zambian motto is "one Zambia, one nation", but it's not so easy. There are a lot of different tribes which dwells this country. When you'll travel to the northen part of Zambia (Luapula Province) you'll meet Bantu tribe which speak Bemba. Whereas you will travel to Victoria Falls (amazing waterfalls in the southern part of Zambia) you will meet Tonga tribe.

I can speak a bi…

Kotlina Kłodzka

Hey guys!

Summer is coming! Finally! So many things to do! SO many exams to write! So many project to finish! But well, I am very happy because on Friday I came back from school trip were I was a tourist guide. I have to tell you that being a tourist guide is very very stressul but also satisfying job. Last year I worked for Rainbow Tours and this one I changed a company and I'm satisfied 'cause new one is much more organised and firendly. It's smaller one and owners are very opend and friendly. And the other one is unfortunately a huge company.
Well, so last 3 days I was guiding a class from Szamotuły. We traveld to Kotlina Kłodzka, we were in twierdza Kłodzka - monumental fortress and we've seen mine laying sidewalks. That was really a cool experience to work with children :)
We went to Błędne Skały and Szczeliniec Wielki (polish mountains) and we looked for gold in one of the mines :)

Stunning view from Szczeliniec Wielki :)


Hi! Today a short post about one of my favourite italian songwriters and singers. Zucchero. Sugar.
I will suggest you some of his songs and bring closer to his life.
He is italian born in Roncocesi in 1955. His career begun in Seventies when he found a small band. His internation career is spanning for many years. He took part in Festival San Remo - on of the most famous festivals in Italy. He sang with Pavarotti, Clapton and Sting.
As he writes in his book "Suono della domenica" he loves a simple life. He compares himself to a carpetner who also has to do his work. We wakes up and goes to work. He works all day long to come for dinner to his house.
I think most of his songs are really charming, although I confirm that some of them are not successful.
I want to propose you my favourite Zucchero's song:  Let's start form English one. WONDERFUL LIFE. I really appreciate a chorus of that song: No need to run and hide
It's a wonderful wonderful life
No need to laugh and cry

Life is life

How are you?
Finally sun shines all day long, a lot of people go out, everyday I meet  people riding bicycles and... that's awsome! The only problems are... exams! I really don't get why all tests, exams ecc. have to be at the end of the semester.... I used to adore june because of it's temperatures and ice creams in all corners of the city but the vision of sitting in the library all day long is so oppressive. I don't want now to accuse teachers and professors of forcing us to study all June... But well, this is an ugly truth :P I'm really so anxious about my exams this years because from July I go to a volonteering project for almost 3 months. So I have to pass all my exam because I will not have another chance... So now I really dream of 29th of June and the end of exams... But as it is said, every man is the architect of his own fortune so there's no time for being blue or anxoius but to study hard. :D So maybe I should now finish my stupid post (well, …

My lovely city Poznań

In the last post I wrote you why do I love travelling. Today something totally opposite. I would like to share with you my idea why I really like my city - Poznań.

First of all, it's not too big but not to small. If i want to go to my friend who lives in the opposite site of the city it takes me more or less 40 minutes. If I want to go to the cinema, to the theatre, to the shopping mall everything is so close.
We've got airport with cheap fligts for example to Edinburgh or to Barcelona. We can go to small swimming pool or choose complex of swimming pools called Termy Maltańskie.

If we are tired of the city we can go to Malta lake or go to chill out in the nearby forest. When we want to spend some time with family or friends in the city we can go to chinese, italian, french restaurant. Whatever you want.

Some time ago I went with my boyfriend to another cosy and magic place in Poznań. PALM HOUSE! 

In a moment you can be in Africa or in Asia. You can change climatic zones, watch…

My favourite italian city!

Today I would like to present you my favourite italian city... I love all Italian Peninsula , but I have to admit that I don't know well South part of the Peninsula so I will write only about my experience and city that I've been to.

My home. I've spent there 5 enjoyable months of my life and I appreciate that city because of it's monuments and museums. I am really keen on art so having opportunity to live in the most beautiful city in the world was a pleasure. I love Michelangelo and Leonardo all Renessaince is extraordinary. If I had to choose where to go to Erasmus once more, I would definitely pick up Florence. That was a marvellous experience which I will never forget. And city... well... it's only disadventage is "ocean of turists", going by bike I was always very attentive not to run over any of them. I didn't live in teh center so every day I had to go by bike more or less 20 minutes to reach my uni.
Even though I was there 5 months I w…

Why do I love travelling?

Today I would like to explain you why I am so keen on travelling and why it is my biggest hobby. I want to share with you some stories and photos which will help you to understand my passion.

1) First of all I love this feeling of freedom. I love waking up fot the sunrise, I love going on the pick up, I just love feeling that I'm totally free.

2) Considerating that I am a very patient person I have to admit that I find a pleasure in..... waiting for my trips! I count days! I read interesting blogs, I phone to all my friends who have been to that place, I buy new guides and I talk about my next travel with the excitation in my voice. Beacuse of upcoming travel I can really focus on the things I have to do (like homework, exam, work) and I just do them NOW because later I will have even more interesting thingd to do!
3) I love meeting new people, learnign new languages, knowing better new culture. It fascinates me a lot! Beacause of my travels I have friends in diffrent counti…