Hi everybody!  How's life?  I am just sitting with my sis in the train going back to Poznań. I was in Warsaw, cause I had to prepare my presentation about my mission in Zambia. I spent there more than 2 mounths so now it was time to share my experience with others who are preparing themselves to go for a mission. 
Well, recently it's the worst time of my life. I really don't want to share with you any detail cause it doesn't matter. There are a lot of factors that influence my state of mind, my thoughts, my behaviour. I even don't have neither power nor idea about what I should write here with you. In my primary school we used to say "Life is brutal and full of zasadzkas" and we used to laugh a lot about this sentace. Now I really don't feel like laughing at all. But still life is life and you have to live it even when it's tough. In spite of my negative post I hope it will get better. 
Have a nice Sunday. 

New Years' Eve - jamna

Hi guys! How is going?

Well, I didn't come up with any brilliant idea what should I write today but I guess it's not so important :P Maybe New Year's Eve, why not?

Last week with my fiance', my bro and his girlfriend we travelled to Jamna, it's a small village in the polish mountains, a dominican's center where catholic youth comes during the year. Our friends organised there a big New Years' Eve Party, there were more than 400 people. Also my parents went there with theirs friends.

We also stopped in Cracow, we visited Wawel Castel and Wawel Cathedral. It was more or less 10 years that I haven't been there.

When we arrived to Jamna we were burnt out (because of the long journey) but still it was woth going there.
In fact the biggest disappointent was that there was no snow :(
But still I think it was woth going here :)

2018 welcome!!!

Happy New Year!
I hope this year will be much better than the last one :)  I want to share with you some resolutins for 2018! Do you know that more than 80 % of us does New Year's resolutions but only 8 % of us is so stubborn to realize them!

What plans and resolutions have I?
1) I will smile more! 
2) I will finish my studies! 
3) I will write my thesis! (ugh, it's so ardous and laborious don't you think so?) 
4) I will meliorate my English, Spanish and Italian! 
5) I will find a well-paid job. 
6) I will be more assertive!
7) I will get thinner (hahaha) 
8) In July I  will marry my best friend and my biggest love ever! <3

It looks that it will be a very intensive year, full of hard work, new challenges and new situations but I firmly belive it will be a very beautiful and emotional year! <3

Buon Natale

Hi everbody!
Frankly speaking, I have no idea what should I write today!
Well, it's Christamas time. How did you spent Chirstmas Eve? We usually spend it all together with my family: me, my brothers, my sister, my parents, my auntie, my grandmothers and my grandpa. When we were young Santa Claus used to visit us with a lot of presnets. Now, he never comes again :( But at least presents are always under Christamas tree.
After dinner and opening Christams presents we usually go to Pasterka. I think it's a typical polish traditional Midnight night mass celebrated between 24th and 25th of December.

The 25th of December we spent in our house watching Christmas films (Family Man - 8/10) and playing board games (unfortunatelyi was almost the last one...)

The 26th we organised with my parents a Christamas Party in our house, our friends came, we played another board game and then me and my boyfriend went to our friends to sing some carolls and eat barszcz :) There were also some guests…

The cathedral

Hi guys! How is going?

As I promised last week today I'll write some interesting curiosities about our cathedral. First of all, did you know that the Poznań Cathedral wa the first necropolis of polish kings and dukes?

In the cathedral the archaeologists found graves of Mieszko I and his son Bolesłąw the Brave. Now graves of the polish sovereigns are located int the Golden Chapel.

This mausoleum comes from 19th century and was found by Edward Raczyński.
In the foto below you can see vey prominent sculpture. How to recognize who is who? It's easy!
Mieszko I holds a cross as a symbol of converting to Christianity, while Bolesław the Brave grips a swors as a symbol of his warriorhood.

Morover, in the cathedral you have to definitely go down to the cellar where you will see the remains of baptismal font. We know that Mieszko I in 966 was converted to the Christianity thanks to his wife, zealosus Christian Dobrawa, but in fact historians don't agree about the place where the Bap…

Benvenuti al Sud

Today I would like to recommend you one of the funniest italian films which talks about streotypes. Even though there is an English title Welcome to the South I still prefer italian one Benvenuti al Sud.

It's hard to write about it in English, cause talking about italian films, I usually do it in italian. It has a sequel Benvenuti al Nord but I haven't seen it yet. 

What is all plot about? 
It's about Lombardian director Colombo which didn't get transfer to Milan but... to the South of Italy. As we know there are a lot of stereotyopes about Italians. What's more even people from Milan and Bologna can be scared of South of Italy. 
- "Because in Naples everyone is poor and has bad smell." - "In the South they don't speak Italian but strange dialect, so you cannot understand them." - "In the South la mafia is omnipresent."  - "They will kill just when you will eneter in their territory."
With these stereotypes Colo…

The cathedral island in Poznań

The Cathedral Island in polish is called "Ostrów Tumski" - ostrów in old polish means island and tum means the cathedral. Last Satruday I was with my group there to explore this delightful place. In this area lived dukes, kings, artists and normal people. If you really want to do a tour in Ostrów Tumski you need to have more or less 4 hours. In this encalve there are located monuments like Archaeological Reserve called Genius Loci, psaltery, St. Mary Church, Archcathedral  Basilica and Archibishop Palace.

Unquestionably, person who left the most important imprint on this territory is duke Mieszko I. He decided to create a sovereign state and so he adopted Christianity. I was very suprised when I discovered that in Ostrów Tumski was a palace of Mieszko and Dobrawa. This palace symbolised the power of Mieszko I. What's more, in the palace of the duke there was a first polish chapel from the iniciative of his christian wife Dobrawa. From the palace site was erected  St. Mar…