The cathedral

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As I promised last week today I'll write some interesting curiosities about our cathedral. First of all, did you know that the Poznań Cathedral wa the first necropolis of polish kings and dukes?

In the cathedral the archaeologists found graves of Mieszko I and his son Bolesłąw the Brave. Now graves of the polish sovereigns are located int the Golden Chapel.

This mausoleum comes from 19th century and was found by Edward Raczyński.
In the foto below you can see vey prominent sculpture. How to recognize who is who? It's easy!
Mieszko I holds a cross as a symbol of converting to Christianity, while Bolesław the Brave grips a swors as a symbol of his warriorhood.

Morover, in the cathedral you have to definitely go down to the cellar where you will see the remains of baptismal font. We know that Mieszko I in 966 was converted to the Christianity thanks to his wife, zealosus Christian Dobrawa, but in fact historians don't agree about the place where the Bap…

Benvenuti al Sud

Today I would like to recommend you one of the funniest italian films which talks about streotypes. Even though there is an English title Welcome to the South I still prefer italian one Benvenuti al Sud.

It's hard to write about it in English, cause talking about italian films, I usually do it in italian. It has a sequel Benvenuti al Nord but I haven't seen it yet. 

What is all plot about? 
It's about Lombardian director Colombo which didn't get transfer to Milan but... to the South of Italy. As we know there are a lot of stereotyopes about Italians. What's more even people from Milan and Bologna can be scared of South of Italy. 
- "Because in Naples everyone is poor and has bad smell." - "In the South they don't speak Italian but strange dialect, so you cannot understand them." - "In the South la mafia is omnipresent."  - "They will kill just when you will eneter in their territory."
With these stereotypes Colo…

The cathedral island in Poznań

The Cathedral Island in polish is called "Ostrów Tumski" - ostrów in old polish means island and tum means the cathedral. Last Satruday I was with my group there to explore this delightful place. In this area lived dukes, kings, artists and normal people. If you really want to do a tour in Ostrów Tumski you need to have more or less 4 hours. In this encalve there are located monuments like Archaeological Reserve called Genius Loci, psaltery, St. Mary Church, Archcathedral  Basilica and Archibishop Palace.

Unquestionably, person who left the most important imprint on this territory is duke Mieszko I. He decided to create a sovereign state and so he adopted Christianity. I was very suprised when I discovered that in Ostrów Tumski was a palace of Mieszko and Dobrawa. This palace symbolised the power of Mieszko I. What's more, in the palace of the duke there was a first polish chapel from the iniciative of his christian wife Dobrawa. From the palace site was erected  St. Mar…

City Guide Poznań

Yesterday I started a new adventure. And it seems quite fascinating to me! Well, I started a course for being a tourist guide in Poznań. I am fond of history and foreign languages so it looks like a perfect place for me to be! As one wide man said: "Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into storyteller." And it starts when you just leave your home looking for a new adventure. I would like to become a storyteller about Poznań, I would like to tell tourists about polish legends in alluring way and just know my city inside out.

Well, it will not be easy, I will finish my course in March and I will pass (I hope) and exams from a practical and theoretical part so I think I have to study hard to be well prepared for this challenge. For now, I don't know much about Poznań. Of course, I know where the cathedral is, where you can drink a good coffee and where to go for shopping but I will try to increse my knowledge about my beautiful city just to pass the informa…

Summer memories


It's not easy to come back to our daily routine and to writing post every weekend. Well, I love holidays and I love spending it in an extraordinary way. I think I am very lucky and happy person and I really like sharing this love & happiness with others. So this summer I travelled to... Zambia!
The Republic of Zambia is country in Southern Africa. We lived in Kasama, which is more or less 3 hours from Tanzania. Even though I don't know a lot about history of Zambia I know that (unfortunately) it has become the British colony. In 1964 Zambia became independent of the UK. Well, zambian motto is "one Zambia, one nation", but it's not so easy. There are a lot of different tribes which dwells this country. When you'll travel to the northen part of Zambia (Luapula Province) you'll meet Bantu tribe which speak Bemba. Whereas you will travel to Victoria Falls (amazing waterfalls in the southern part of Zambia) you will meet Tonga tribe.

I can speak a bi…

Kotlina Kłodzka

Hey guys!

Summer is coming! Finally! So many things to do! SO many exams to write! So many project to finish! But well, I am very happy because on Friday I came back from school trip were I was a tourist guide. I have to tell you that being a tourist guide is very very stressul but also satisfying job. Last year I worked for Rainbow Tours and this one I changed a company and I'm satisfied 'cause new one is much more organised and firendly. It's smaller one and owners are very opend and friendly. And the other one is unfortunately a huge company.
Well, so last 3 days I was guiding a class from Szamotuły. We traveld to Kotlina Kłodzka, we were in twierdza Kłodzka - monumental fortress and we've seen mine laying sidewalks. That was really a cool experience to work with children :)
We went to Błędne Skały and Szczeliniec Wielki (polish mountains) and we looked for gold in one of the mines :)

Stunning view from Szczeliniec Wielki :)


Hi! Today a short post about one of my favourite italian songwriters and singers. Zucchero. Sugar.
I will suggest you some of his songs and bring closer to his life.
He is italian born in Roncocesi in 1955. His career begun in Seventies when he found a small band. His internation career is spanning for many years. He took part in Festival San Remo - on of the most famous festivals in Italy. He sang with Pavarotti, Clapton and Sting.
As he writes in his book "Suono della domenica" he loves a simple life. He compares himself to a carpetner who also has to do his work. We wakes up and goes to work. He works all day long to come for dinner to his house.
I think most of his songs are really charming, although I confirm that some of them are not successful.
I want to propose you my favourite Zucchero's song:  Let's start form English one. WONDERFUL LIFE. I really appreciate a chorus of that song: No need to run and hide
It's a wonderful wonderful life
No need to laugh and cry